This is a practical guide to pediatric vascular access. It covers how to use ultrasound appropriately, how to prevent and manage early and late complications, and how to correctly place the catheter tip using ECG or radiology. It includes all the most modern approaches and devices. In particular, the best approach for some specific populations is covered, including neonates and infants, complex patients, and children with cancer or renal failure requiring long term treatments. A guide on how to establish a vascular access team in a pediatric hospital is included, including the costs and benefits of having this hospital-based team.
Vascular Access in Neonates and Children is aimed at pediatric anesthesists and surgeons, and radiologists, pediatricians and other specialities may also find it of interest.

Editors: Daniele G. Biasucci, Nicola Massimo Disma, Mauro Pittiruti

ISBN 978-3-030-94708-8
ISBN 978-3-030-94709-5 (eBook)

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