The purpose of this systematic review was to determine postinsertion complication rate for peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs), in particular the difference between silicone and polyurethane lines in general population groups as well as oncology and non-oncology patient groups.
Overall, the PICCs complication rates ranged from 8 to 50%. Although both lines saw similar overall rates upon closer observation, the strengths and weaknesses of both lines are shown.
The conclusion is that both silicone and polyurethane PICC lines exhibit nearly identical overall average postinsertion compilation rates; however, it is the type of complications experienced that differ.

Authors: Tammy Seckold 1, Sandra Walker, Trudy Dwyer

1Central Queensland University, Queensland – Australia

J Vasc Access. 2015 May-Jun;16(3):167-77.
Epub 2015 Jan 23

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