A 4-Year Observational Study

This was a retrospective observational analysis of routinely collected anonymized intravenous therapy-related data.

The results showed that the use of an approved medical grade adhesive for catheter securement resulted in significantly less therapy failures, compared with the control group. This remains significant after adjusting for day of insertion, gestational age, birth weight, and catheter type.

Authors: Matheus van Rens, RN, MaANP, NNP; Nuha Abdelghafar M. A. Nimeri, MD, CABP; Timothy R. Spencer, RN, APRN, BHSc, DipAppSc, IntCare Cert, VA-BC; Kevin Hugill, PhD, RN, BSc, GCE, MSc; Airene L. V. Francia, RN, BSc; Tawa Olayemi Olukade, MBBS, MSc, MPH; Mohamad Adnan Mahmah, MD, CABP

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