The choice of the most appropriate venous access device (VAD) is particularly difficult in neonates. In fact, in this population, though a reliable venous access is often indispensable for the infusion of drugs, fluids, parenteral nutrition, and blood products, the venous patrimony is limited, and all devices are prone to frequent complications.
In the last decade, three algorithms [1–3] have been published about the choice of VADs in the neonatal population. However, all of them have relevant limitations. As none of these algorithms was fully satisfying, the GAVePed (which is the pediatric interest group of the most important Italian group on venous access: GAVeCeLT) decided to develop a new algorithm called “Neonatal DAV-Expert.”

Authors : Giovanni Barone · Vito D’Andrea · Gina Ancora · Francesco Cresi · Luca Maggio · Antonella Capasso · Rossella Mastroianni · Nicola Pozzi · Carmen Rodriguez Perez · Maria Grazia Romitti · Francesca Tota · Ferdinando Spagnuolo · Francesco Raimondi · Mauro Pittiruti


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